DIALOGOS - Meaningful Conversation
How To Have Meaningful Conversations

How To Have Meaningful Conversations

Interview with Sarah Rozenthuler, author and dialogue coach

Sarah Rozenthuler is a dialogue coach and leadership consultant, and is the founder and CEO of BridgeWork Consulting. Sarah has authored two interesting books:

  1. Powered by Purpose, Energise People to Do Great Work

  2. How to Have Meaningful Conversations, 7 Strategies for Talking About What Matters.

In this conversation, we discuss Sarah’s career trajectory, including her fascinating life as a busker in Spain, through to her becoming a dialogue consultant and author. We look at what makes for a big conversation, the notion of self-awareness, the importance of meaningful conversation for mental health, cultural differences and much more.

This is a recently published episode from my podcast, the Minter Dialogue, which has been running since 2010. If you liked the podcast, please take a moment to rate it here.

You can find all the show notes here.

DIALOGOS - Meaningful Conversation
How to foster meaningful conversations at home, in society and at work. Inspiring, cajoling and elevating the debate by bringing reason and purpose to our exchanges.
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