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Great points and great questions! The timing of discovering your email for me is very beneficial. Your mention of death

…I begin training this week for a volunteer Hospice program to help where I can, the one dying and their loved ones. I once read a beautiful quote that always stuck with me and helped me tremendously while my younger brother was in hospice. The amazing job of the nurses and Drs, the love, the patience, the kindness they pass along to the families was, to me, just beautiful. The quote, “we are all just walking each other home”. I was very much inspired by the teams effort and their focus. Strangers helping others. In this world so many different areas to help others and it all starts with communication, conversations, etc.

Financially I’m not in a position to assist organizations, however, I can volunteer my time with hopes to help ease the burdens and sadness where I can.

Your newsletter is informative and enriching. The experiences you share and that of others will definitely be helpful! Thank you 🙏🏻

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Minter, I just love this post! You pinpoint to a most critical leverage point to make our lives greater. I look forward to Dialogos insights!

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I am interested in the 3 areas as I think they are interconnected. In my view if someone likes to have meaningful conversations, he/she does this in all areas of life or in none. It would also be interesting to see where and how these 3 areas overlap. Curious where this is going...

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Well, I have to say that there are very few articles of this length that keep me scrolling and reading - so much resonated with me. Quite a mission and I wish you the very best, will keep reading and happy to assist where I can.

Also found your three areas of future focus interesting. I guess 'social circles' falls under or close to #1. Am curious because in the social dance world I often frequent, conversations are had on the dance floor without any words (or sometimes just a few), yet trust and strong bonds can be quickly formed before real conversations even start. A whole different angle of social dynamics which on reflection I have often found, accelerates deeper conversations.....

Just a few thoughts I thought I would share.

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