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The 1st of your podcast recommendations I decided on was Dylan’s 1st episode- “Conversations With People Who Hate Me”. In especially like the creativity of the title and felt the topics would be extremely interesting based on political events unfolding these days in many different areas. It was exactly what I anticipated. It was a respectful conversation of two people with completely different views, complete opposites. In the end, kindness and respect stood out for me. The caller apologized for his initial aggressive towards Dylan and they both held a civil conversation, each holding strong on their views. They took the time to listen to each other share their view. Thanks for the recommendations. I look forward to checking out Left, Right and Center next!

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Anecdote on the Spotify graph! - ....As a media studio founder I asked my 20 year old daughter if she would listen to some of the content we create here. Her instant reply "Yes, but only if it is on Spotify!"

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Good information, thank you for posting. I’ll have to check out some of your podcast suggestions!

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