Mar 22, 2022Liked by Minter Dial

It’s unfortunate there is an overload of misinformation shared from media personal, analysts, representatives, etc. Imagine then the dialogue that can occur if the facts were shared by all groups, rather then their own twist, religious beliefs, personal views, and anger.

Where does the change begin? I believe it starts with each one us. Less judgement of others regardless of religious belief and affiliations. The power of kindness - “has power to change lives in ways we may never know”

Our political world, the Left and the Right, is so divided, maybe they need to all attend a “team camp”. An education camp of how to brainstorm respectfully regardless of their differences and beliefs and come together to put rules in place for less chaos while keeping up with culture and our ever changing times.

I believe it starts with respecting each other’s views. Especially religious views. Why not learn and grow from each other? If my best friend, who grew up as a Catholic, and later in life shared, she no longer believed in God, and I do, am I going to dismiss her because of her beliefs and my beliefs?

Our world is filled with different beliefs and upbringings and experiences. So much to try and understand and try to solve. If only kindness can spread like “Covid” did, maybe peace would be begin to spread within our world.

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