Men and women (very often) come at conversation in different ways. Let's talk about and celebrate our differences!
When there's an audience, inevitably the observation changes the state of the observed
AI is getting more chatty. What can we learn from conversational AI?

February 2023

Meaningful conversations happen in many ways. But with more sensitive topics, the chat can easily go off the rails. How to manage a testy exchange?
Exploring meaningful conversation through dialogue in the movies. Josh Shelov is an Emmy award-winning filmmaker. His analysis is incisive.
Why, when and how to hold more meaningful discussions among work colleagues
In a context of rising mental health issues and a dearth of therapists, will AI be able to pick up the slack?

January 2023

What I learned about myself by listening to my people’s history
How musicians converse while playing and the lessons we can extract from the way we communicate through playing, listening and dancing to music.
How to think differently about the difficult conversations you hold with yourself. It will be messy, but that's life. It is the journey we must all…

December 2022

Let's get deeper? How do you go about getting to a deeper level of conversation?I have been reflecting on how we materially go about getting to a deeper level of conversation with someone we don’t know. There’s obviously the…
Are you dreading Christmas? Are you hoping for some meaningful conversations?As we head into the festivities of end of year, it’s sure that Christmas and this holiday period isn’t a joyous event for everyone (notwithstand…