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In private homes, with friends or with family members how do we set a boundary? no sexuality, no religion, no politics? No literature, no theatre, no cinema, no art, etc... very quickly many topics tend to veer on politics.Even, Food,! In certain cultures, people love to talk about the food they eat, they food they ate, they food they will eat, the Chinese, the French, the Italians, etc... can spend hours talking abut food, BUT food is NOW very political. You cooked meat! bad for the planet!, asparagus, good when they are in season, otherwise bad! locally sourced or imported from poor people in the amazon!, Talk about the weather, climate change. How can you imagine asking friends and family to set their boundaries? I must say that as far as I am concerned, those people who would tell me "their limits in a conversation and the words that I should NOT use like stupid! " are likely NOT going to be my friend.

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